Selecting a guardian for your minor children is an important step for protecting your children’s future. It can be a very challenging decision to arrive at. While a friend or family member may even be willing to serve as guardian for one child or possibly even two, this is extremely important to consider if you have more children as this can be a significant burden for someone who was not expecting it.


You want to select an individual who will help manage the assets for the children wisely as well as raise your children in a way similar to what you would. Another factor to consider is age, lifestyle decisions and marital status as well as compatibility. Most courts may wish to listen to the child’s concerns if he or she is at least 14 years of age. Talk this over with your kids if they are old enough and determine who they may feel comfortable with.


Family relationships are certainly important in a situation where a sister or a brother is available to step in. This is why you need to carefully consider how your decisions impact the future. Selecting a guardian for your minor children is an important step because doing so allows you to articulate who will step in in the event that something happens to you. Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced estate planning attorney if you find yourself in this situation of being concerned about the guardianship issues for your child.  An Ohio estate planning lawyer can assist you.

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